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RNE is so sad to report Jay Traynor, the orignal lead of Jay and The Americans who recorded “She Cried” did his last show on 12-19-13 in Pittsburgh, PA, sounding his best and giving his all to the audiences he loved. He died January 2, 2014 and now we all cry for the loss of a great voice and a good man.

Welcome to the Richard Nader Entertainment, Inc. web site. RNE is one of the most diversified and innovative entertainment companies today, producing a wide range of concerts, festivals, exhibits, corporate special events and themed cruises.

Richard Nader Entertainment Inc. in association with Malt Shop Memories Cruise present.

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Richard Nader Entertainment, Inc. is best known for the award winning Rock and Roll Revival™ concert series that launched the nostalgia entertainment industry and brought the pioneers of Rock and Roll and Doo Wop music back to center stage, changing the culture of America forever.

Concurrent with developing unique themed events, Richard Nader Entertainment, Inc. creates innovative, effective, non-traditional methods to market their productions.

Our clients tell us that we deliver "good feeling," long-remembered events - much more than they expected!

Richard Nader Entertainment, Inc. is dedicated to continue creating the highest quality entertainment experience for our clients, artists and fans.

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A member of the RNE family, Associate Producer NanC Hensley, has written a Serial Killer Thriller called, The Hand of Karma. I've read it and really enjoyed it. It's an eBook available through Smashwords.com and most eBook outlets.


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