About Richard Nader

For the latest news about Richard Nader Entertainment, award-winning producer of concerts, festivals, exhibits, corporate special events and themed cruises click on the link below . Richard Nader, who pioneered the “Rock & Roll Revival”, worked for four years to put the first show together. It was a yearning to hear the music of the 50’s that prompted Nader to produce the show most producers wouldn’t chance. The original “Rock & Roll Revival” show on October 18, 1969, produced at Madison Square Garden’s Felt Forum, became one of the most talked about concerts of the decade. So successful was the show that it was moved in to the main arena the following year, spawning a series that was to become the longest running concert attraction in the Garden’s history, with 21 out of 25 sold-out shows and ticket sales in excess of 400,000. 

The “Rock & Roll Revival Spectacular” shows later took the road, touring 80 US cities and 40 colleges along with two runs in Las Vegas. The Revival was also the subject of the feature film “Let The Good Times Roll,” two 90 minute television specials for ABC-TV and a cable TV special produced for Home Box Office. Record companies, long neglecting the stars of yester year, scrambled to re-release the oldies. Radio stations took a long look at yesterday’s hits once more with the sudden understanding that thousands of listeners weren’t hearing what they wanted. “Oldies” and “Classic Rock” formats emerged in markets nationwide.
Richard Nader Entertainment shows around the country are legends almost before they are presented. Their successful status positively proves the prowess of these productions and clearly demonstrates the devotion, dedication and diligence to this craft. Richard Nader Entertainment designs and develops unique themed entertainment events, concerts, festivals, fairs, exhibits, cruises and shows that can be presented world wide.