Production Information

Terms and Conditions

The parties hereto hereby acknowledge that the following additional terms and conditions are incorporated in and made a part of the Agreement between the parties hereto:

1. PRESENTER agrees to furnish at its own expense all that is necessary for the proper presentation of the entertainment presentation at performances, and if required by PRODUCER, all rehearsals therefore, including a suitable theatre, hall or venue clean and in good order, the staging, lighting and the equipment listed in the PRODUCTION RIDER in perfect working condition including microphone(s) in number and quality required by PRODUCER and comfortable, lighted dressing rooms; wardrobe services to include steam, press and repair of onstage costumes; all stagehands, stage carpenters, electricians, electrical operators and any other labor as shall be necessary and/or required by any national or local union(s) to take in, hang, work and take out the entertainment presentation (including scenery, properties and baggage); all lights, tickets, house programs, all licenses (including musical performing rights licenses); special police, ushers, ticket sellers for advance or single sales (wherever sales take place), ticket takers: appropriate and sufficient advertising and publicity including but not limited to radio and television advertising, circulars, display newspaper advertising in the principal newspapers and PRESENTER shall pay all other necessary expense in connection therewith. PRODUCER will be assigned a runner with a vehicle by PRESENTER for period including rehearsals and Showtime. PRESENTER agrees to pay all amusement taxes. PRESENTER agrees to comply with all regulations and requirements of any national or local union(s) that may have jurisdiction over any of the materials, facilities, services and personnel to be furnished by PRESENTER and by PRODUCER. PRESENTER agrees to furnish all necessary material and equipment and to promptly comply with PRODUCER’S directions to arrange the stage décor and settings for the performances hereunder.

2. PRODUCER shall have the sole and exclusive control over the production, presentation and performance of the engagement hereunder, including but not limited to, the details, means and methods of the performances of the performing artists hereunder. PRODUCER’S obligation hereunder are subject to detention or prevention by sickness, inability to perform, accident, means of transportation, Acts of God, riots, strikes, labor difficulties, epidemics, any act or order of any public authority or any other cause, similar or dissimilar, beyond PRODUCER’S control. PRODUCER shall have the sole and exclusive ownership and control of all rights licenses or agreements affecting the Show and all elements contained therein, whether in connection with radio or television broadcasting, television films, motion pictures, personal appearances, commercial tie-ups of all kinds, using either the name of the Show, the members of the cast and including without limitation, the right to make any and all decisions concerning such rights, licenses or agreements without interference from PRESENTER. The concept of the event is the property of PRODUCER and may not be used for any reason (other than promotion of the event) at any time without the expressed written consent of RICHARD NADER ENTERTAINMENT, INC.

3. PRODUCER maintains the exclusive rights to film, videotape, record or broadcast the event by any means anywhere in the universe. PRESENTER agrees that no performers other than those to be furnished by PRODUCER hereunder will appear on or in connection with the engagement hereunder. PRESENTER shall not have the right to assign this agreement, or any provision hereof. Nothing herein contained shall ever be construed as to constitute the parties hereto as a partnership, or joint venture, or that PRODUCER shall be liable in whole or in part for any obligation that may be incurred by PRESENTER in PRESENTER’S carrying out any of the provisions hereof, or otherwise. The person executing this agreement on PRESENTER’S behalf warrants his authority to do so, and such person hereby personally assumes liability for the payment of said price in full. PRESENTER warrants neither that PRESENTER nor any parent, subsidiary, partner, co-venture, associate or affiliate of PRESENTER shall derive any revenue, income or compensation from the EVENT from any other source or by any means whatsoever other than as provided in this agreement.

4. The entertainment presentation to be furnished by PRODUCER hereunder shall receive billing in such order, form, size and prominence as directed by PRODUCER in all advertising and publicity issued by or under the control of the PRESENTER. During the period ninety (90) days prior to the date of the EVENT and ending one (1) day after the EVENT, no other show featuring similar acts or attractions shall be presented in the (venue) place of engagement.

5. PRODUCER shall have the sole and exclusive right, but not the obligation, to sell souvenir programs and other souvenir items including CD’s and tapes in connection with and at the performance(s) hereunder and the receipts thereof shall be divided ______________ to the PRESENTER, ___________ to the PRODUCER.

6. PRESENTER hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless PRODUCER against any and all claims whatsoever (including court costs and attorney’s fees and related disbursements) caused by or alleged to have been caused by any act or omission to act by PRESENTER, its offices, employees, servants or agents or any support personnel in connection with presentation of the EVENT.

7. At least twenty (20) days before THE EVENT, PRESENTER shall furnish PRODUCER with a certificate evidencing that it has in effect naming PRESENTER and PRODUCER (1) public liability insurance covering PRESENTER and PRODUCER in amounts of not less than $1,000,000 for injuries to or the death of one or more persons in any one occurrence. (2) property damage insurance covering LICENSEE in amounts of not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence.

8. Final payment to be CASH to Producer’s representative on day of show.

PRESENTER to provide PRODUCER Twenty-Four (24) of the highest-priced tickets marked

Complimentary for each performance, four of which are to be in the first row. . Any tickets not

used will be returned to the Box Office for sale to the public on the day of the performance.



  • Haze Machine preferred
  • Special Lighting Effects
  • 2 Trusses of lights, minimum 64 cans, 6 matching gels, minimum 2 follow spots and specials on band and singers
  • CYC Backdrop preferred


  • [1] Roland Jazz Chorus model JC120 or [1] Fender Twin Reverb



  • [1] Kong Tritons (with sustained pedal) with 2-tiered keyboard stand and stool
  • [1] Grand piano tuned to A 440 pitch two hours prior to performance (with an adjustable piano bench)* OR [1] Kurzweil PC88 weighted keyboard
  • [1] Keyboard amp (minimum 2 channels) if requested


  • [4-5] front vocal microphones – All to be wireless
  • Any back line vocal microphones can be wired


  • [2] Gallien Kruger or Hartke heads
  • [2] Hartke cabinet 4 x 10 or
  • [2] Hartke cabinet 1 x 15



  • [1] Five-piece Yamaha Maple Custom or Recording Custom kit with:
  • 10″ and 12″ deep toms, 16″ floor tom, and 22″ bass drum
  • [2] standard 14″ snares (maple or birch) with “O” rings
  • All new Remo skins: Pin Stripe on toms, coated Ambassador on snare
  • Cymbals: 22″ ride, 14″ and 16″ crash, 14″ high hats (Zildjian only)
  • Full hardware, bass drum pedal, and drum stool
  • *Some shows may also require a matching left-handed kit


Each side of stage to have:

  • A clear path (highlighted by white tape) for performers to easily enter and exit
  • [1] wireless microphone with on/off switch, 1 chair, and 1 music stand with light off-stage
  • [1] headset to communicate with house audio and lights
  • [1] stage hand runner
  • [1] skirted drum riser and skirted riser if horns required


FOOD: During sound check and rehearsals: For 8 people: Deli, fruit and cheese platter, light snacks, hot and cold beverages, bottled water, and cookies.

Dinner: For 25 people to be served backstage 90-minutes prior to show and maintained until 30 minutes after show opening consisting of 1/3 beef, 1/3 chicken, 1/3 vegetable dishes plus 1 pasta dish, cake, hot and cold beverages, bottled water replenished until load-out.

STAGE: [2] coolers of ice and bottled water (one for each side of stage); [1] dozen towels, preferably dark colored (6 for each side of stage); support personnel in dark clothing, please. Wardrobe services for pressing.

DRESSING ROOMS: Towels and assorted cold drinks for each dressing room consisting of bottled water, juice and soda.

Accommodations, internal transportation as indicated in the Engagement Agreement.