Richard Nader Entertainment, Inc. Presents

Richard Nader’s “Memories Fair”

Remembering the 1950’s and 1960’s Production:



  • Classic Cars On Display – Edsels, Studabakers, ’57 Chevys, ’65 Mustangs, Thunderbirds, Corvetts, DeSotos, GTO’s, Dodge Charges and MORE.
  • Rock & Roll Stars In Concert – The real Deal – Only Original Stars!
  • Exhibits & Sales – Vintage Radios, Juke Boxes, Pinball Machines, Posters, Signs, Soda Bottles, Rock & Roll Records & Tapes, Books, Board Games and 1001 additional items.
  • Specialty Displays Highlighting – TV Shows like the Ed Sulllivan Show, I Love Lucy, Bonanza, Sports Celebrities and Local News Events.
  • Duke of Hazards “General Lee” – Oldies Karioke – Period Dance
  • Memorabilia from the time of Elvis Presley